15 Ways To Feel More Positive

For a long time I was a really negative person, I whinged and whined like there was no tomorrow. After doing a lot of growing up I realised that wasn't the right attitude to have, we all go through tough times but it's how we deal with them is what moulds us. Nowadays I'm a much more positive person and here are some of my favourite ways to stay that way.  

1. Try to surround yourself with positive people, some people are radiators and some are drains. 

2. Take something out of every situation.

3. Appreciate the small things in life. 

4. Tell people how you feel, let them know you care. 

5. Don't let sadness consume you. 

6. Start every day fresh, don't bring yesterday's negativity into a new day. 

7. Go outside. 

8. Write down what you appreciate. 

9. Be thankful for everything you have, things could always be so much worse. 

10. Vent, to the right people. 

11. Talk to your loved ones.

12. Eliminate any unnecessary negativity.

13. Don't seek out things that you know will hurt you.

14. Give yourself time to digest difficult situations.

15. Look at situations from a different perspective.

Do you have any tips for being more positive?

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