Decorating On A Budget

After moving home a couple of years ago, I had to re-decorate my old bedroom on a shoe string budget. Starting from scratch with a space can work out to be quite costly, it's easy to blow a big amount of cash. So, here are some vital tips that I learnt from doing up my space on a budget.

Plan: Once you have an image in mind of what you want for your room it's much easier to work out where you can save money and where you need to spend. Personally, I wanted something really simple which didn't require a huge amount of work so I could utilise the things that I already owned. 

Write down your budget: So, if you need to buy new furniture write down a ballpark figure of how much you want to spend on each item. Setting yourself limits on how much you want to spend on each area can stop you just buying things that aren't necessary, we all know what happens when we're let loose in IKEA.

DIY: As I wanted all my furniture to be white, I couldn't afford to just replace everything. I had to upscale some of the things that I already owned. Painting furniture is such an easy to way to give a piece a new lease of life without replacing it. Experimenting with rugs instead of replacing carpet and flooring is another great way to save money. 

Shop around: Go to the places like car boot sales and charity shops, they aren't glamorous.  You can, however, pick up some amazing things up for a fraction of the price you would pay new.

Upscale: You guys know I'm a big fan of marble contact paper, it can turn a £40 IKEA desk into something that looks a whole lot more expensive.

Go neutral: I'm someone who prefers to put their personal stamp on their space through decoration than the actual decor itself. This is why white works so well because it keeps the space simple. You can add your own touch with things artwork and bedding without having to worry about it clashing.

Do you have any advice for decorating on a budget?

R x

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