A Long-Lasting & Radiant Makeup Look

 I love dewy and radiant makeup looks, but they aren't always that long lasting. Having combination skin that leans typically more towards the oily side of proceedings means that makeup can easily slide off my face so I need something that lasts. Having a base that can last all day doesn't always have to be matte and flat, here are some of my favourite ways to achieve something that is long-lasting and radiant.

Base: Making sure my skin is thoroughly prepped is a key stage in any makeup application, having a good base to begin with makes things go on much easier. I like to start with the Elemis Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm, which helps tighten and brighten, it's perfect for those days that you've not had your full 8 hours. I then use the YSL Youth Liberator Foundation, my favourite base, it has a beautiful level of coverage whilst still letting your natural skin show through. It has a satin finish which is perfect for those of us who want something radiant and long-lasting. Powder is an integral part of my base and discovering something that could enhance my glow whilst setting everything into place was a game changer. The MAC Lightscapade MSF is beautiful, but for a more budget buy the Bourjois Java Rice Powder is awesome.

Eyes: For years I neglected my eye area and dragged it down by applying thick heavy liner, thankfully those days are long gone. By applying MAC Shroom Eyeshadow in the inner corner, it instantly brightens and lifts the area, who knew a little bit of shimmer could do so much? Then if I really need extra help I use the Rimmel Nude Scandaleyes Liner, which eliminates any redness and again brightens the eye area. 

Cheeks: Although they aren't an obvious long-lasting option cream products can be the perfect middle ground. Not as runny or slippy as a liquid product, but they still maintain that fresh skinned glow that we all covet. The Clinique Cheek Sculpting Highlighter has been my go to lately, not only is it easy to apply it lasts all day. It adds a subtle glow to the cheek without being overly shimmery or glittery which can make you look Cullen esque when the sunlight hits your skin. 


What is your go-to long lasting radiant makeup look?
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