Making The Most Out Of A Small Desk

Having my 'office' in my room means I'm lacking in desk space. I dream about the day I can have a huge desk with plenty of room for activities, but until I get to that point I've got to make the space I have work. Small doesn't always to mean you've got to be cramped and uncomfortable. Here are my favourite ways to make a small desk space work for you.

Keep it clean: Whenever I've had a large desk in the past I've been terrible about letting cups and glasses build up. Keeping your space clean & tidy makes for a much better work environment. 

Prioritise: Be savvy with what you store on your desk and in the drawer if you have one. If it's not something you use everyday then maybe it can be put somewhere else. 

Get creative with storage solutions: I'm not a fan of traditional desk tidy's, they take up so much space and don't look that pretty either. I use little bowls and glasses to storage my everyday stationary essentials.

Make the decoration functional: For months I was decorating my desk with items that had no real purpose. By using things that I need on an everyday basis, it solved storage issues and added a little bit of personality to my space too. 

Remove clutter:

Things like wires and cables are a nightmare in small spaces. Try and tidy them away as best as possible, a lot of desks even come with wire trays these days.

Use the walls: I like having a calendar in my desk space so instead of getting one that would sit on it I got one for the wall instead. You can really utilise walls, it adds a personal touch to your space without taking up any extra room.

Do you have any tips for utilising a small desk space?

R x

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