Self-Care On The Tough Days

Today is Mothers Day, for many this is a happy day, filled with love and joy. For some people, it's the complete opposite. For me, it's the latter, I can't help but feel down when I see shops covered in pastel pink banners telling me to show mum how much I care. I like so many people in the world have lost my mum and Mothers Day is an occasion that I find difficult. Self-care is something that is being spoken about more & more and it's something that I think is so important. Here is how I like to take care of myself on the hardest of days. 

Do something for yourself: Whatever it might be, try and do something that is just for your benefit. It's easy to feel bad for doing so, but it's important to make time for yourself. One of my favourite things to do is completely pamper myself, I mean the works. I gather together my favourite candles, Diptyque* are always the best for a real luxe pamper session and just have a few hours completely to myself. 

Have perspective: On the tough days everything can feel like it's got a grey cloud looming over it. It's important to remember all the positive things you have in your life and remind yourself of them. 

Don't feel guilty: Every time I feel upset about something I get this terrible feeling of guilt saying I shouldn't feel that way and I should appreciate everything I do have. Sometimes it's ok to just let yourself feel a certain way, it doesn't do well to dwell but there should be no guilt in feeling a little down sometimes. 

Remove yourself: When possible I always like to remove myself out of tough situations if there is no need for me to be involved. A big part of self-care is knowing your own boundaries and sticking to them. For example if there is something bothering me on social media then I simply unfollow or mute the person, I'm not going to purposely put myself in a negative environment. 

How do you self-care on the tough days?

R x

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