Beauty Advice I'm Glad I Listened To

There is a lot of beauty advice in the world, not all of it good. Whether it's from books, blogs, magazines or knowledge passed down from family or friends we've probably all been told some pearls of wisdom at some point. I thought today I would share some of my favourite pieces of beauty advice with you. 

  • Flannels - Caroline Hirons
  • Don't exfoliate too much - Lisa Eldridge 
  • Always take your make-up off - My mum
  • Oily needs oils too - Blogs 
  • Change your pillowcases - My mum 
  • Dehydrated is a skin condition, not a skin type - Sali Hughes 
  • Mineral oil isn't actually the devil - Blogs 
  • Consistency is key - Grace 
  • Blusher shouldn't be applied to far down the face - Blogs 
  • Spray perfume in your hair and clothes, it makes it last longer - Sarah Jessica Parker 
  • Always work in layers for a long lasting base - Lisa Eldridge 
  • Having a good diet will show in your hair, nails and skin - Blogs 
  • Your hair can be trained to go longer without washing - My hairdresser 
  • Pores are not doors - Caroline Hirons 
  • Acids aren't as terrifying as they sound - Blogs 
  • Don't overpluck your eyebrows - Everyone in the world

What are the pieces of beauty advice that you're glad you listened to?

R x 

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