Why Internet Free Days Are Important

In this post last week, I touched on something that I've been doing a lot recently and that is having time away from the internet. Blogging daily and running the online magazine ALO means that a lot of my day is spent online and it got to the point where it was completely dictating my mood. I always want the internet to be a happy place and not one that causes me distress and unhappiness. 

We're constantly reminded of the online world, you can't even watch TV without hashtags being used in adverts, so it can be hard to avoid. I have to admit last year I felt like I got obsessed with the internet, I was constantly checking up on social media and e-mails and it felt like it had taken over my life. The thought of taking a break really scared me which was a big warning sign that I needed to.

What was I going to miss if I just unplugged from the online world for just a few hours? Nothing, absolutely zilch. So why did I feel the need to be so present on the internet and so absent in real life? I guess it just turned into a habit and it's been hard to break out of it. I started off with small steps, the biggest was leaving my phone somewhere that wasn't right next to me. Then I started turning off notifications and went on from there and now I can go hours and even the odd day here and there without going online and I'm so much happier for it. 

Getting outside into the real world and remembering what is out there can play a huge role in our happiness. The internet can become a very intense place once you start spending a lot of time plugged in. Even though Twitter and Instagram are awesome, there is much more to life than social media. We don't need to constantly be updating everyone else on what we're doing or checking up on what others are doing. 

Do you like to take breaks from the online world too?

R x


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