My Blogging Essentials

It's hard to believe that I've never done a post on my blogging tools considering how long I've been doing this. I always love finding out what people use in their process, it differs so much from person to person. My essentials have definitely changed over the past 4 years, but the base elements are still  pretty much the same.

Canon 400d & 50mm Lens: I've had my DSLR for nearly 8 years, if you're getting into photography then I think it's a great camera for beginners as it's pretty simple to use. My 50mm lens is my best friend, it's such an inexpensive piece of equipment which always delivers great results and can teach you great disciplines too.

MacBook Air: You don't need a MacBook to have a blog, there seems weird stigma that you do, but you definitely don't. That being said I would stray away from Apple, their products are reliable and I've never had issues with them. I went for the Air over another Pro as I wanted something that I could easily take on the go with me. 

External Hard-Drive:As the MacBook Air has limited amount storage I don't like to keep a huge amount of files on it. Usually on a Sunday I move all the files that I have accumulated throughout the week and move them across.

Blogger:  There are so many blogging platforms available these days, but I've always stuck with Blogger and I probably always will. I find Blogger so simple to use and I've never had any issues with it apart from it not being the best for image quality. 

Buffer: I always schedule my tweets to go out so that I don't have to think about during the day. I currently use the free version of Buffer, but I will probably upgrade at some point so I have the freedom to schedule further in advance.

Photoshop CS6 & Camera Raw: My editing process for my images is very simple, 99% of the time I just use Camera Raw. I shared my general editing process over on ALO a few weeks ago if you're interested in seeing what I do. 

iCal: I swear by having an editorial calendar, it's my first point of call when I'm writing down new ideas and planning out my content for the week. It really helps me to work out a solid schedule and I can get to grips with what order I want my posts to go out in.

Notepads : Apart from iCal all my blog plans are written down into various notepads. I find writing things down quite therapeutic and I tend to remember things more when I've written them down.

What are your blogging essentials?

R x 

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