5 Things To Do When You're Feeling Down And Out

Sometimes we just feel down on our luck and like everything is going wrong. That feeling can last days or even weeks and can be a little exhausting. There's a lot of pressure to constantly feel happy and sometimes that's just not the case. Life can be really tough sometimes and just because there are worse things that can happen, it doesn't take away from what you have going on. So for the days that you're feeling down and out here are something that might help. 

Don't feel bad for it: Like I said, there are always worse things that can happen but that doesn't mean you should constantly focus on that. We're all entitled to feel sad about whatever is happening, it doesn't mean you're an ungrateful person for everything that you do have. Whenever I'm having a bad day or I'm in a bad mood I find myself constantly apologising for it. Which is just silly, we're all human and all have emotions.

But don't dwell: There is a fine line between letting yourself feel the emotion and getting sucked into a cycle of dwelling on every single thing. It's easy to sit and dwell on a situation and overthink what you could have done differently. As hard as it is sometimes you just have to move forward and focus on what is going to happen instead of what has happened. 

Gain perspective: I'm a firm believer that no matter what happens there is always something that you can take away from it. Perspective is important, taking yourself out of the situation and look at it with a fresh mindset. 

Motivation: My favourite way to gain motivation and come back from a bad few days is to exercise. There is something about physically moving that has a huge effect on your mind and it always makes me feel so motivated about everything that I'm doing. I also like to pick up one of my favourite books by Paul Arden,  they're quick reads, but they make you feel like you can do anything.

Encourage yourself: I wrote an entire post on this subject a couple of weeks ago. When you're feeling down it's really easy to feel so uninspired about everything. Being able to give yourself a little bit of a push is so important. 

How do you pick yourself up when you're feeling down and out?

R x

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