Fading Scars

Because having spots isn't bad enough in the first place they always have to leave a parting gift don't they? I've been dealing with blemish scars for years. They can be pesky to cover up and fade, sometimes even worse than the blemish itself and it's been until the past few that I finally found ways to really tackle them. 

La Roche Posay Effalcar Clarifying Toner*: When I introduced a chemical exfoliant into my routine it completely changed my skin. Although at first I thought they were utterly terrifying, they really aren't and work wonders. The salicylic acid gently helps the skin to renew and any dead skin is sloughed away without the need of an abrasive scrub. As this works to resurface and renew the skin it helps fade away scars with ease. I use this AM & PM and don't find it too much or too drying, it's a huge help with any fresh blemishes too especially those pesky little white heads.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+]: This a product that I've loved for a long time and re-purchased over 12 times, now that says a lot doesn't it? They re-formulated this last year and now it contains scar fading ingredients and I was nervous that it wouldn't be as effective anymore, but it is. This isn't a quick fix, it takes time for your skin to get used to it and it's a total marmite product, you either love it or you hate it. I've noticed a big improvement in some real deep set scars that I had on my chin since using the new formula, it's taken a long time, but it's totally worth it. 

Vichy Aqulia Thermal Serum*: A new method I've recently discovered for fading scars is providing the skin with enough hydration. There is something about having plump healthy looking skin that helps diminish scars. This serum from Vichy is packed full of hyaluronic acid which is such a simple ingredient but drastically improves the skin. It's so lightweight in texture and consistency, almost cooling to apply and doesn't leave the skin feeling tacky. 

Jurlique Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator*: Even though I use a chemical exfoliant everyday sometimes I need even more of a boost. Enter this mask from Jurlique, you wouldn't think something so small could pack such a punch in the skincare stakes. This is my go to mask during or after a breakout as it's gentle and helps calm down any aggressive blemishes. You only need to leave this on for 5 minutes to feel it getting to work and you're left with brighter & healthier looking skin.

The Body Shop Bouncing Sleeping Mask*: Once I discovered that hydrating products were great for fading scars, I knew this was going to be a staple. The consistency of this mask is odd, to say the least, it's almost like jelly and as the name suggests is bouncy. I apply a fingertip-sized amount as too much can leave your face tacky. You sleep in this and once you wake up you can instantly see a difference. It's one of my favourites to reach for post-breakout as my skin tends to look a little drab and this helps revive it. 

What are your favourite products for fading scars?

R x

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