An Interview With Kara From Abracadabra Girl

I'm talking to Kara from the blog Abracadabra Girl today.

Tell us more about yourself Kara?

I'm a northern girl originally who now calls London home, I love this crazy city and all its infectious energy I also love all the work opportunities London offers. I started training as a beauty therapist when I was 17 (let's just say that seems a long time ago now....) in Australia which is where I lived at the time for 5 years in Melbourne. I've lived and worked in quite a few countries since but am really glad to be home in the UK despite its sometimes doggy weather.

What got you into blogging?

I've always loved to write although previously fiction and short stories. So when I took time out to have my son I soon realised I missed having a connection to my roots in the beauty world so I did the next best thing and combined loves in the form of Abracadabra Girl.

Can you tell us a little more about your blog?

Abracadabra Girl started out essentially as a beauty blog, I really wanted to share my knowledge and pass on advice to anyone who thought it was useful. It's since morphed a little bit to include Fashion and lifestyle.

What keeps you inspired?

So many things keep me inspired, I love to see the launch of new innovative products and how the industry is continually updating & forging in new directions. Simple things inspire me too, nature or the swish of someone's red coat on the street. 

A few of your favourite things about blogging?

My favourite thing about blogging, gosh there are a few, I've really fallen in love with photography something I never expected! It's been a sharp learning curve but one I've really enjoyed. Next blog posts comments they make my day. I remember when I had just started out and wondered if I was just writing for myself if anyone was interested in reading what I had to say.. Now It's one of my weekly highlights to reply to my blogs lovely comments and I've found some amazing blogs and people in the process.

Can you tell us more about working in the beauty industry? 

Working in the makeup and beauty industry has been wild I have so many crazy stories ( if you only had the time to listen..) but mainly its been a lot of hard work combined with a sharp streak of perfectionism which has sometimes driven me a little insane but at the end of the day its been that edge that made the difference for me personally in advancing my career. 

Have you got any words of wisdom for those wanting to work in the industry?

Firstly if you want to work in the industry you need a reputable qualification there are quite a lot of schools offering fast track diplomas that don't provide you with the certification you may need later (especially if you plan to work overseas) Always choose the best school/course you can. Second (this is a bit of gold- trust me) find a mentor we all learn on the job but having a mentor advances you so much faster. I approached a European beauty champion when I first qualified and basically begged him to give me private lessons, don't be shy do whatever it takes (work for free with people you admire it's priceless) and never stop learning!

A few of your current favourites?

My current favourite things, I'm loving how more and more professionals and bloggers are taking on the big brands and launching their own awesome product ranges. Personally speaking I'm loving feeling more settled in my life right and now not working quite as hard (just for the moment at least) 

Favourite Blogs? 

5. Favourite blogs - loads am I the only one who starts on a catch-up session and the next thing its 2am? here's a few: Vivianna Does Makeup, Song Of Style, Jennypurr, Pixie Woo, Deliciously Ella and of course Rebeccas lovely blog From Roses that I've followed since I started blogging.

What does the future hold for Abracadabra Girl?

The future on Abracadabra Girl: listening to what you guys want really I have a lot of requests for more tips in almost every area of beauty so definitely more there. I would love to branch out a little more into creating specific makeup looks, I'm enjoying poking a toe into fashion so expect to see more of that too. Any other suggestions let me know below? I'd love to hear and finally do pop by and say hello and introduce yourself and your blog. 

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