Working Smarter, Not Harder

One of my biggest aims this year work wise was to work smarter, not harder. Even though my workload grows by the day and I'm constantly setting myself new challenges I don't want to be working even more hours than I am currently. When you're your own boss it's easy to work long hours with very few breaks, whilst I'm still finding a better balance here are a few ways that I've been smarter with my workload.

Turn Off Your E-mails: I find my biggest distraction during the day is getting caught up in e-mails. Whenever they pop up I get distracted and totally get off track with whatever I'm doing. By simply turning them off during the day has helped me so much, I have pockets of time where I check them to see if anything urgent has come through and then I get round to properly answering them at an allocated time.

Single Task: For years I thought having a productive day meant multitasking like crazy. For me it's the complete opposite, if I try and do too much at once I find nothing gets done to a high standard. Doing one thing at once helps me work quickly and better even though it might sound like it might take longer initially. 

Be pro-active with your to-do list: My best friend throughout the work day is my to-do list. It's important to write yourself a productive one instead of just listing an endless amount of tasks to do. I like to keep my list to a manageable amount otherwise it can get out of control and be completely counter productive. 

Prioritise: This goes hand in hand with producing a productive to-do list. Organising what is a priority and what isn't really helps to be smarter with your workload. Doing all those little tasks that don't really need your attention first will take up unnecessary precious time. 

Have breaks: When you're working for yourself it's easy to miss breaks. Setting yourself a time to stop and have lunch or a cup of tea is a big step towards a more productive day. Working for hours on end with no rest doesn't result is really bad on your mind and eyes especially when working on a screen. 

Do you have any tips for being smarter with your workload?

R x

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