The Make-Up That Makes You Feel Awesome

As I turn 25 today it's the perfect opportunity to wear all the makeup that makes me feel awesome. There is a select bunch of products in my collection that make feel on top of the world upon application so I thought I would share them with you today. 

Base: After preparing my skin I always go for the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer*, I've raved about this so many times but it leaves me with the perfect base for makeup application. It glides over any uneven texture and creates a balanced complexion to aid in a long lasting base. Of course, I will using my usual concealer duo to hide any blemishes or dark circles and then using the ultimate radiant base. The YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation is dream skin in a bottle, even though it's lightweight and offers minimal coverage it just seems to perfect the skin in a number of ways. It's so luxurious upon application too that makes blending and buffing a joy and I can't help but love the scent.

Cheeks & Lips: It's no surprise that I'll be wearing the Tarte Blush in Exposed is it? It's such a beautiful product that works every time without fail. If you've not read my many ode's to it then to cut it short, it's a brown toned dusty rose shade that sculpts as well as adding a pop of colour to the skin. If there is ever an opportunity to pile on the highlighter like there is no tomorrow it's your birthday, right? So I will be doing just that with the MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle, in combination with the Tarte blush it's sculpted glowing cheek perfection. As I'm not going for anything statement with my cheeks then I can be a little more adventurous with my lip choice, although I'm not quite sure if a tinted balm is quite that. The Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Rosé is a typical red rose shade that is so pretty to wear when you want to go for a red lip but don't want the hassle of a traditional matte offering. 

Eyes & Other: Over the past 6 weeks I've not stopped wearing the Too Faced Champagne Shadow Insurance and MAC Naked Lunch , I've written an entire post on the two here . The two together are light shimmery champagne shade perfection and I can't imagine anything surpassing this duo for a very long time. Finished off with lashings of whatever mascara that I'm using at the moment ( Benefit Roller Lash & Too Faced Better Than Sex) and I'm done. Nothing too fancy or out of my normal comfort zone but these are the products that make me feel awesome every time! The finale to my look is dousing myself in Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay which I think is my favourite perfume of all time. It holds so much, sentimental value to me too and I think it may well be what I wear on my wedding day (whenever that day is). 

What beauty products make you feel awesome?

R x

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