Beauty Advice I Shouldn't Have Listened To

A few weeks ago I shared the beauty advice that I was glad I listened to . Now I'm going to turn the tables and share the advice that I wish that I hadn't listened to, not that this is bad advice it just didn't work out for me. 

  • MAC Shy Girl suits everybody.
  • Mineral oil is the devil and if you put it on your face then it will melt it off. 
  • If you don't use a cleansing balm then you're doing it wrong. 
  • High end = the best. 
  • Gel cleansers are the most drying products in the world. 
  • Bronze eyeshadow suits everyone. 
  • You need have at least 10 steps in your skin care routine. 
  • Nobody suits a pink undertone foundation. 
  • Oily skins can't wear anything illuminating. 
  • Bronzer works for everybody. 
  • You have to have a strong brow. 
  • Natural products are the best. 

What are the pieces of beauty advice that you wish you hadn't listened to?

R x

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