When You've Fallen Off Track With Your Goals

As we are nearly half way through the year (say what?) it's always a good time to look at your goals. I'm sure we all made a bunch of goals when New Years hit and I know that I always feel super excited in January & February but then I fall off track. I think having goals and aims are so important as they can help us grow in all areas of life but keeping on track can be difficult. As I've recently tried to back on track with my own resolutions I thought I would share how I did it.

Remember why you made them: Whenever you've had something in mind for a long time it can be easy to forget why you made that goal in the first place. Remembering why you started something is the best way to feel excited and motivated about it again. 

Are the relevant anymore? So many things change in our lives that the things we were once striving more might not be relevant anymore. Priorities change and that's a natural part of life so striving for something that isn't important anymore might be a waste of time.

What do you want? There are always the typical goals that come to mind like eating better and exercising more but what do you actually want? Distinguishing between what you actually want and what you think is expected of you is really helpful. 

Are they realistic? Something that I'm completely guilty of is being a dreamer and having aspirations is great, but sometimes it can work against us. Admitting to yourself whether something is actually feasible or not isn't the most inspiring thing to do.  Knowing what you're capable of achieving is much better in the long run. 

Let some goals go: There isn't anything wrong with waving some goals goodbye. If you've not really given them much thought over the past 5 months are you really that committed to them? There isn't anything wrong with moving on from something, it doesn't mean you've failed, it just means it wasn't meant for you. 

Make them fun: Goals should be fun and exciting if they aren't then why would you ever want to do them? We all have different ideas of what we find enjoyable, for example, I absolutely love doing the ironing, but I can't say that is everyone's idea of a good time.   

Do you have any advice for staying on top of your goals?


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