Being Your Own Encouragement

Last week I spent the day with my partner in crime Jen and we touched on a topic that is important to us both. We're both self-employed so know the importance of being your own encouragement and just how difficult it can be to get into that mindset. We all need encouraging in all aspects of life, so today I wanted to talk about being your own encouragement. 

Surround yourself with the right people: It might seem a little cruel, but being around people who are incredibly negative won't lead to anything positive. Of course, we all have bad days and that's to be expected but there are some people in the world who are nothing but negative and aren't who you want to be surrounded with. It can be such small things like muting aggressive people on social media, they can play a huge role in our energy. 

Be your own biggest fan: Sounds totally arrogant doesn't it? We all have to be our own best friends in this world instead of ripping ourselves to shreds. Believing in yourself and what you're doing is something that I'm sure we could all do a little more off. It's important to be proud of your achievements, no matter how big or small they are. 

Don't let other peoples doubt consume you: Listening to other people's opinions and talking about things is great. Sometimes the person might have their own personal doubts that they then project onto you. I know in the past I've let other people's doubts and worries effect me and I've trusted those rather my own gut instinct. We are the only ones who can make the right decision for ourselves and we have to trust it more. 

Encourage others: I'm a big believer of putting out what you would like to receive in return. Not only will encouraging others make you feel good on the inside but it will that make that person feel awesome. The more positivity we put into the world can only result in good things and it's much more likely to make its way back to you if you do it in the first place. 

Don't let fear take over: Something that I'm currently going through myself. I'm working on something completely new and it's terrifying and that fear is making me so scared to take the steps that I need to. Feeling fear is totally normal and it can either be really motivating or work the other way and be the biggest barrier to productivity. 

Do you have tips for being your own encouragement?

R x

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