Creative Things I Want To Learn & Do

I never thought I would be writing that I missed school and university, but here I am doing just that. Since I graduated I've really missed learning new things and it's hard to find the time when you're working and trying to maintain some sort of social life. As I'm always attempting to push myself to learn new things I thought I would share some of the creative things that I want to learn & do in 2015.

  • Start shooting on film again.
  • Create my own stock library of images. 
  • Move my blog over to Squarespace in preparation for something big coming in the future. 
  • Take a photograph everyday. 
  • Learn calligraphy and experiment with hand lettering. 
  • Finally start cross stitch.
  • Experiment with my graphics tablet more.
  • Possibly go into moving image. 
  • Learn HTML to a higher level. 
  • Start sketching, even though I'm terrible. 
  • Work on my writing. 
  • Go more into depth with Photoshop. 
  • Learn iMovie or Final Cut Pro. 
  • Design more. 
  • Finally, master hand letting on my graphics tablet. 

What creative things do you want to do this year?

R x 


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