Staple Accessories

I'm not sure I've ever shared my favourite accessories on this little corner of the internet. Truth be told I have very few, but the ones I do have are what I wear religiously. I tend to go for simple delicate pieces over huge statement items as they aren't quite my style. So spanning from sunglasses to tote bags here are my staple accessories. 

Lily Charmed Bee Necklace: I was originally sent this beautiful little piece but sadly lost it in Manchester. It was replaced immediately as it's one of my favourite items to wear and I felt a little lost without it. The Alex Munroe Bee's are very popular, but they're 3 times the price of this. It's probably my most worn necklace to date as it's so simple and goes with absolutely everything I own.

Urban Outfitters Tan Tote Bag : If you follow me on Instagram you probably will have seen this bag in many outfit pictures. Even though I'm sure my shoulder and back would thank me for using a smaller bag, but I cannot resist a tote bag. It's fantastic vegan leather which is rare to find and has that beautiful grain that I love in leather bags. 

Ralph by Ralph Lauren Sunglasses*: I'm a Ray-Ban girl through and through normally, but this cat eye pair from Ralph Lauren at the Sunglasses Shop* are a dream. There a little different to the usual style that I go for too as they have a pink tint combined with tortoiseshell. As always with the Sunglasses Shop the service and great and delivery was speedy.  

Uniform Wares 203 Watch: This was a gift for my 24th from my boyfriend so has huge sentimental value. Even though it's quite a mannish piece on my dainty wrists I absolutely adore it. The strap is a beautiful walnut shade and it has copper details which is one of my favourite things about this watch. It's my special occasion watch as I worry so much about damaging it as the style is now discontinued. 

COS Rose Gold Bobby pins: Initially when I bought these I wasn't sure how much use I would actually get out them. They are such a beautiful addition to any updo and even with a few wears they've not tarnished at all. 

Kate Spade Rose Gold Bow Ring: I deserve a slap on the wrist for not wearing this more because it's such an adorable little piece. Rose gold is something that I find more flattering against my skin tone than yellow sometimes. I'm currently on the hunt for some more delicate rings that will go nicely with this so if you have any suggestions please let me know. 

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield: This was a Christmas gift years ago, I wanted a watch that was perfect for everyday and this is it. It still has that masculine edge that I go for in watches, but the light face makes it a touch more feminine. I've had it over 3 years and it has worn beautifully, the leather has just loosened enough to make it a really relaxed fit.

What are your favourite accessories?

R x 

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