The Best Creative Lessons I've Ever Learnt

Creativity is part of everyday life and takes form in so many different ways. So, of course, it's something that we're constantly learning from and I've rounded up some of my favourite creative lessons that I've learnt over the years. 


Whilst some people are more inclined to the academic side of proceedings and some of us are more creative ultimately we're all creatives. Over the years I've noticed that being in a creative field is almost like being part of a strange club. A club that's not inclusive of everyone and can make creativity come across a little snobbish and stand-offish. The truth is that we're all creatives in our own way because it's something that's part of everyday life, it just might not be in a format that we all stereotypically think about. 


Some people want their creativity to pay their bills and that's awesome but some people don't and that's fine. It's almost expected that we all want whatever creative thing we do to be our source of income.  Because of course when doing something that you adore can also pay your bills and fund your life is there anything better? When your creativity pays your bills it puts an intense amount of pressure on it. And in so many ways takes the joy out of it and turns it into something that it was never meant to be. So for that reason, a lot of people choose to pay their way with something else so they can let their creativity run free and be something purely for their own enjoyment. 


When something pushes your boundaries and comfort zones it's always going to be scary. So many creative things push your mind into thoughts that aren't comfortable and it can be terrifying. When you're putting your creativity out into the world as well then that brings a whole other set of crippling thoughts to overpower your logical brain. It's always going to be scary to put something you feel incredibly passionate about into the world for other people to see. But more often than not only positive things will come from it. 


I think this is probably the most important lesson you can bear in mind when it comes to creativity and that is that everything we create is subjective. What we think is incredible and totally inspiring to somebody else might be poor and lack imagination. We're all entitled to our own opinions on something. But it's always important to know that everything we see means something different to everyone and it's never our place to tell someone how they should feel on a particular subject. 


Even though I'm an introvert and thrive from being alone I love being with other people and doing creative things. And there is nothing in life that we have to do alone and everything feels much easier when we're surrounded by awesome people. I know I always feel so inspired when I've spent time with other people discussing creative things. By being with others it can push your mind to look at different perspectives and viewpoints which we might not have thought of otherwise. 

I'd love to know what the best creative lessons you've learnt are! 

R x

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