The Things That I Can't Wait To Tell You

Last week I shared a very honest blog post about all The Things I'm Afraid To Share so this week I wanted to turn that post on its head and share all the things that I'm currently really excited to share. This is the type of post that I couldn't ever imagine myself writing even maybe a month ago because I hate feeling I'm bragging but I know whenever someone else shares things like this I'm always so excited to read them so here is what I'm super excited about right now. 


If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that we welcomed a third member to our family a few days ago. A little 9-week old whippet puppy who we were not expecting to welcome into our family but she's made the most amazing entrance already. I'm planning on doing an entire post dedicated to this little fluffer but in the meantime, I thought I'd share a few details about her. For a long time, my boyfriend and I have wanted a dog but it was never the right time for us to welcome someone new into our family as his tour schedule is very busy and he typically isn't home for longer than a few weeks. But as he is home for the summer it seemed like the right time for us as it's incredibly rare that he has this much time off let alone in the Summer but thanks to writing season he's around for a little longer this year. We were initially looking to adopt and it was something we were really pretty set on but due to our circumstances, our requirements as well as the criteria for a lot of the dogs it narrowed our search down a lot and due to our time restraints it just wasn't the best option for us neither was it right to welcome a dog into our home and it not be right.

I always knew adoption wasn't easy but we quickly realised that it's something you really have to dedicate your time into as it's a lengthy process [can take over a year] and time isn't something we have really and it was something we had to do together. As well as time restraints factoring in driving around to meet a potential pupper [we were happy to travel but also wanted to meet them a number of times before making the commitment] it was going to work out incredibly expensive for us. So welcoming a puppy is something we decided was right for us right now, in the future we will adopt and hopefully it will be either a greyhound or a whippet to join Josie as we will then have the experience with that breed that the vast majority require. I completely understand why people don't advocate people buying dogs when there are so many to be rehomed but it's not always the right option for a family and this time it wasn't right for us but we know it will be in the future. I should just add in that I don't think it's right how much profit are made from puppies and you should NEVER buy from a puppy farm or mill. Researching a breeder and seeing where they are from is so important as well as a tonne of other factors. As we didn't adopt this time we decided that we're going to make sure from now we donate each month to a few animal charities as they are so important and we still want to give some way.


Like I mentioned, my boyfriend has hopefully got a good couple of months at home which is not something he's had since he started touring over 3 years ago. He's usually back for a little while at Christmas but having him home for Summer is so exciting as we're able to get out a little more. Winter might be really nice for staying home and watching movies but it's not great for getting out. Especially now we have a little dog it's the perfect time to hopefully have a mozey around in the Summer sun because there is nothing better than a British Summer to me. It will also be such a good time for us to see our loved ones as a couple a little more as that's not something we really get to do and even though we're both total homebodies at heart we do like to catch up with our favourite people. 


For just over a year now I've been living in between two houses and it's not something that I've felt comfortable sharing online as it was a somewhat complex situation. My rule is that when I'm not 100% settled with something that I don't share it online. I've been between living at home at my dad's and then at my boyfriend's but now I've finally moved out properly to what is now our house. It's been a long time coming for me but I wasn't in a rush to do it, I know for some people they're absolutely desperate to move out but after some tough circumstances, it meant I was home a little longer than expected and I really embraced it. I really enjoyed being with my dad as he's a widow so it's just him and if I could help him feel a little less lonely and just enjoying being with my dad because he's the greatest man in the world I wanted to do that. People always presume that living at home means you don't have responsibilities but that isn't what our situation was like at all. I'm so lucky that my dad taught me about everything it takes to run a house as well as involving me in bills etc and of course I didn't just live at home for free either which is another big presumption. As of right now, my boyfriend is home so it's not too much of a difficult transition as we've been doing this already but when he leaves for a tour and I have an entire house to myself and Josie, of course. I think that's when things might be a little tough as I can't deny that I do miss my dad even though he's only 15 minutes away because we're such a close-knit family.


I passed my driving test in April and started driving on my own in the middle of May and it's been a big learning curve. Learning puts you in this little bubble where you're with your instructor and you're somewhat safe but when you're on your own it's a whole different ball game. I've started off pretty small just going into town or to my favourite country parks and I've been fine and I did once drive into the city and it's generally been good. I'm still an incredibly anxious driver as I'm so worried about doing something wrong and annoying someone else which I know is silly because nobody is a perfect driver but I'm working on it. Another thing I was a little worried about was driving with my boyfriend in the car, he's been driving since he was 17 which is 10 years of experience under his belt. So he's very confident and the thought of sitting next to him and worrying about him judging me [which he would never do] got in my head a little much. I'm really pushing myself when it comes to getting in the car and just driving, I tend to get in my head a little bit much with things and convince myself I can't when I can and sometimes just not thinking as much is a big help.


When you blog full time it's a complex thing, of course, it's a huge privilege to be able to do that but it doesn't mean it's not without its downsides. For so long I've worked to a very tight structured schedule with my blog which I thrived from but as my life has generally got busier I've found it harder to do that. I used to be sometimes two weeks ahead with content but I'm currently writing this on the day that it goes up which is not something I've done in around 4 years. And not having such a solid structure and plan has really made me fall back in love with this blog and my little internet space and I'm so excited for what's to come.

I'd love to know what you're excited about right now?