The Apps That Keep Me Organised & A Few More Favourites

There are a couple of thing's that I love to know about other people; what they keep in their handbags and what apps they use on a daily basis. I'm always on the hunt to discover the latest awesome app and here are 6 of my favourites. Some keep me organised and some are just for fun. 


As much as I love having a paper calendar and diary I rely on my iCal the most. I keep absolutely everything on it and have multiple calendars to organise different aspects of my life like; blogging, personal, appointments/meetings and finance. Every morning I get a little reminder of what I have coming up the following day. It's incredibly handy for on the go and when you're out and about and need to jot down an appointment. As it syncs with your laptop it makes it pretty foolproof to miss anything. 


This is my go to photo editing app. I find it incredibly easy to use and the effects that it has on your photographs are beautiful. Whether you use the built-in filters or purchase some, they're all awesome.  Personally, I find it delivers the highest quality for a phone photo editing app. It's not just an editing app either it's a social media platform too. Even though I don't use it for that it's a great alternative if you're not into the likes of Instagram. 


Having an app for what bank or credit card you use is something I can't recommend enough. It makes it incredibly easy to keep track of your finances and what is going in and out of your account. I've found by having an app it makes you a lot more aware of where your money is going which is key when you're trying to save. You can also send money to people which is a huge timesaver as you no longer have to go down to the bank and do it the old fashioned way. Or faff around with a card reader. 


For a while, I was an Evernote girl but I've returned back to Notes. I don't tend to carry around my diary or notepads with me in case they get damaged. So if I need to scribble anything down then it always goes in my notes app. If I ever need to write a list I prefer to use this over the reminders app itself even though it's not as satisfying to digitally tick tasks off. It's also my favourite tool for writing longer captions on Instagram, I'm sure I can't be alone with my hatred for their comment box? It's much easier to copy and paste from the notes section. 


I love Pinterest, I've been obsessed with it for years and there is nothing more satisfying than organising my boards. I find using Pinterest for just general pinning on my MacBook a complete pain. It seems long winded and generally a faff. Such a first world problem I know. On the app, however, it's a breeze and makes creating awesome boards so much easier. I've found in general with social media if I don't have the app on my phone I don't find myself using it. Same goes for Tumblr, it's so much easier to use on your phone compared to a desktop. 


Having a Spotify subscription is a luxury for me but it's something that brings so much joy to my day. I dabbled in the world of Apple Music but I found it to be a complete farce and not user-friendly at all. The Spotify app is so easy to use and they're constantly updating it with new features. Something important to remember about using the app is that you need to turn on the 'available offline' function to listen without using your data.  

Other favourites include; Podcasts, Timehop, Simpsons Tapped Out and Soundcloud

What are your favourite apps?

R x

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