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There are some days that I love nothing more than to sit at my vanity and take my sweet time getting ready for the day. But that's not a realistic way to get ready 99% of the year. So I like to reach for products that give the illusion that I've spent a long time getting ready when I haven't at all. Here are 8 of my current favourite lazy-girl beauty essentials. 

YSL LE TEINT TOUCHE ELCAT FOUNDATION: When I've either not had enough sleep the night before or can't be bothered to reach for that extra priming step in my makeup routine I always reach for this base. It's a foundation that adds so much radiance and life to the skin that it makes it incredibly easy to forgo multiple illuminating products and is essentially like buffing in a good nights sleep and a healthy complexion. The initial coverage is quite lightweight and it feels weightless on the skin but it can be built up in the areas that you need it without looking too heavy or cakey. 

MODELS OWN SCULPT AND GLOW LIQUID HIGHLIGHTER*: Typically a product like this would absolutely terrify me as it looks like a liquid bronzer. And whilst I do believe that you do need to have a little touch of colour in your skin to get away with the darker shades it's an absolutely beautiful product to be mixed in with either a primer or moisturiser to add an effortless sun-kissed glow to the skin. Not only can this be used underneath your base but it can be used a typical highlighter or to sculpt the skin. 

ELEGANT TOUCH QUICK DRY TOP COAT*: A quick dry top coat has been a staple in my beauty stash for years. Because who wants to sit around and wait for their manicure or pedicure to dry? Out of all the options that I've tried and there has been a lot of them this somewhat new release from Elegant Touch is absolutely incredible and by far my favourite. It gives even the cheapest of nail polishes a great wear time and it dries so quickly. It's not the shiniest option that I've ever tried but I'd rather have a longer lasting manicure than shine. 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY COLOUR CHAMELEON PENCIL IN CHAMPAGNE DIAMONDS*: Whether you're an eyeshadow novice or a bonafide lazy girl the Charlotte Tilbury colour chameleon pencils are wonderful products. They're incredibly easy to use, you don't even need a brush. You just simply scribble on the lid and blend out with your finger or a brush if that's what you prefer. They can be worn alone or with other shadows as they're great for increasing wear time of cheaper products. The formulation makes them cling onto the eye but they aren't at all drying or flakey. 

ROSIE FOR AUTOGRAPH BROW PENCIL*: A good eyebrow pencil is a great item when you're either in a rush or on the go. This pencil from the Rosie for Autograph at M&S range is absolutely perfect as on one end it has a soft and creamy brow pencil that makes creating hair like strokes so easy. And then on the other end, it has a spoolie which is key for creating a soft and natural brow look.

SCULPTING BLUSHER: As 90% of the year, I'm incredibly fair skinned bronzer isn't a product that I've ever got along with. But blushes that are brown in their colour base are something I love. So shades like Nars Douceur [sadly discontinued] and Tarte's Exposed are both blushers that can add life to the skin but also sculpt the complexion. They're also a fail-safe option if you're a little worried about going overboard with your eye or lip colour choice. 

CLARINS LIP BALM CRAYON: Any type of chubby lip crayon is ideal when you can't be bothered to line and carefully apply colour and just want something that 's not only easy to apply but simple to touch up. There are a huge amount of options available on the market right now from all price points. I'm personally a big fan of the Clarins Lip Balm Crayons which are a sheer lip option so they're easy to take on the go. And then the Revlon Matte Balms are perfect when you want to go for more of a statement lip. What makes these lip products even better is that they often have a twist up mechanism which means you're never wasting any product by sharpening.  

CLINIQUE CHUBBY HIGHLIGHTER: Another chubby product, what can I say they really are a lazy girl's best friend. I recently rediscovered this chubby highlighter from Clinique and have fallen absolutely in love with it all over again. You can either swipe this on and blend it out with your finger or take a small brush and use it directly from the tube. It's an effortless way to highlight the skin and the product itself isn't it too glittery or shimmery so it doesn't look completely unnatural on the skin. Sadly it only comes in one shade which is definitely geared towards a paler skin tone which is a real shame as it's such a lovely item that could be loved by so many people if it came in more than one shade. 

What are your favourite lazy girl beauty products?

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