The Best Night In Of Your Life

Confession time, I've not been on an evening out in over 3 years and this is something I couldn't be happier about. I'm not one for loud crowded spaces and being a non-drinker is always a topical issue. That being said I don't believe you need to go out to have a good time, some of the best nights I've ever had have been spent inside. So whether you spend a night in by yourself or with others, here are some of my favourite things for an excellent evening!


Something I used to strictly reserve for A/W use is candles. Now I burn them all year round as they're perfect for creating a nice environment. My latest favourite is The White Company Fresh Fig Candle*. It's got that perfect mixture of freshness whilst having deeper notes that make any space feel comforting. 


It's not really surprising is it that I'm mentioning my other boyfriend? My Netflix account. It's the perfect companion for a night in alone or with some company. I'm currently making my way through Grey's Anatomy and if you're looking for a new show to binge watch this might be just for you. 11 seasons with 45-minute episodes makes it binge watching bliss. 


As I'm not somebody who has been blessed with the baking gene I rely on Tesco to feed my snack addiction (get it? get it?). However, if you're somebody who loves nothing more than getting in the kitchen then check out some of  the recipes on a A Beautiful Mess, they always have plenty to choose from which are perfect for sharing. 


You're never too old for a round of Monopoly [especially Simpsons monopoly]. Digging out your favourite board games from your childhood is always good fun. Although it brings out the competitive side in any of us and some cross words have been known to be exchanged over a heated game of Payday.  


Because no one likes to relax in jeans? My loungewear selection is probably on par in volume with the amount of regular clothes I own. My latest squeeze has been the limited edition collection from Eight Hour Studio*. This is nightwear like I've never experienced before, so buttery soft to the skin and oh so flattering. They're loose and relaxed but to an appropriate level so that you're not flashing anything. 


If you're having a night in flying solo then a book is an awesome way to spend an evening. It's also the perfect chance to have a night away from all technology and take a step back from the buzzing online world. Sitting in silence is an odd thing to get used to at first as I'm sure like most we're so used to having background noise. But once you embrace the silence it's so refreshing and soothing.

What are your favourite things for a night in?

R x

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