The Best Things I've Watched So Far This Year


This might be a bold statement but I truly think this year has been the best for TV in a while. And I love sharing the things that I've loved watching so much as there’s always a good back & forth where you share what you’ve been watching too so I'm never short of suggestions. You might have seen me mention some of these things in my bi-weekly to watch, listen and read posts but here are a few more details on them all.


There was absolutely no way that I couldn’t start this post without sharing my latest obsession. Chernobyl is a recent HBO mini-series that tells the story of the devastating catastrophe of the 4th reactor exploding in the Soviet Union in 1986. I always knew that the reactor exploded and it meant that no-one could be in the vicinity of it and still can’t be till this day but other than that I actually knew very little about the entire thing. Chernobyl explains exactly what happened on that fateful night and it does so in a way that feels incredibly respectful to all the people that gave their lives trying to help in the aftermath of the disaster but it’s also captivating. It’s a difficult watch, there's absolutely no denying that as it’s one of the worst disasters that has ever happened but it’s an integral part of history. If like me you’re also obsessed with the show then I highly recommend giving the podcast a listen as it gives an incredible insight into the behind the scenes of the show.

sex education

This was one of the first things that we watched this year and it’s still one of the best. From the title of this and the trailer, I really wasn’t sure to expect and was fully expecting it to be absolutely terrible but it was such a feel-good show. Sex Education is a British Drama but it’s very Americanised which I know is very confusing when you first starting watching it but you soon get used to it and if you’re a fan of John Hughes though you’ll be absolutely fine. The series follows Otis, a teenager whose mother is a sex therapist and is incredibly open about the subject meanwhile behind the scenes Otis is really struggling with pretty much everything when it comes to the subject. But in a weird series of events somehow becomes the school's sex therapist with an unlikely love interest. What I love the most about this show is how many difficult subjects it tackled especially with Eric. His storyline will make you laugh and cry all at the same time, rumour has it that there is a second series being made and I can't wait for it.

brooklyn 99

It’s been a long time since I’ve seriously enjoyed a somewhat long-running tv show, some of my most loved series in the same vein as this are The US Office and Parks & Recreation. I had my doubts about Brooklyn Nine-Nine as I thought it might have been a little too silly for my liking but I think it’s just the right amount of silly and serious. The show mostly follows Jack Peralta, a detective who works in the 99th precinct in Brooklyn and all his coworkers. As well as following Jake there is a large focus on the team dynamic at the precinct and that is undoubtedly my most loved part of the show as you come to love characters you didn’t at first like the Captain, his character develops beautifully throughout the seasons. I find this a programme that is best when binge watched as the episodes are so short that it takes a few to get into it so I prefer to watch it when they’re released on Netflix.

our planet

One of the most important things that I’ve watched this year is Our Planet. It’s a new Netflix Original that David Attenborough narrates and it’s been created by the same people as Blue Planet and Planet Earth so you know it’s going to be brilliant. Our Planet was created in collaboration in WWF so there is a large focus on conservation and ways we can treat our wonderful planet better so that we can save it as much as we can as things aren’t looking that good at the moment. Like anything, David Attenborough narrates it’s a fantastic show and contains a little bit of humour whilst still showing you incredibly important scenes from the world. I know I always say this when I mention any nature documentary but they’re the best things to watch when you’re feeling down mentally as it makes you realise just how big the world is as sometimes everything can feel so small.

queer eye

Although Queer Eye came out a couple of years ago (I believe?) season 3 came out earlier in the year and it’s probably been my most loved so far. I probably don’t need to explain the premise of Queer Eye as it’s got such a huge following and with good reason. Each episode the Fab 5 help someone else’s life in all aspects from personal to mental health and it’s always the most heartwarming (and usually tear-inducing watch). It’s another one of those shows to watch when you feel a bit glum as there’s absolutely no way you can’t feel a little better watching the Fab 5 change people’s lives and give them the confidence boost that they need to believe in themselves. I also highly recommend following the cast on Instagram, Tan, in particular, is my favourite as well as Jonathan and his morning coffee dances and ice skating.


what have you loved watching this year?