Your Weekend Reading, Watch & Listen List #9


Happy first of the month! Who else can’t believe that we’re already very close to being halfway through 2019? The year seems to fly by now I’m older, I’m sure when I was younger the countdown to the summer holiday’s or Christmas felt like they went on forever but now I’m wishing for time to slow down. The month of June so far is pretty quiet for me which is something I’m looking forward to as it means getting back in the swing of things at home, Edie is also getting spayed this month so that will mean a lot of time downstairs with her so she doesn’t have to tackle the stairs. Anyway, here is this weekends read, watch and listen list for you to scroll through this hopefully sunny Saturday morning.

  • Chernobyl is a must watch, it’s absolutely fantastic and I’m so sad there is only one episode left.

  • I’m still making my way through Gilmore Girls, I’m approaching the college years.

  • When we don’t want to watch something that takes a lot of our focus we’ve been watching old seasons of The Great British Bake Off.

  • Louis Theroux’s new documentary on mental health & mothers is a must watch and has opened up an incredible conversation.

  • If you love mac n cheese you need to watch this video.

  • I’m late to the party but I’m absolutely obsessed with The High Low at the moment.

  • Happy Mum Happy Baby is back and the episode with Nadiya Hussain is so incredible.

  • And Happy Place is back too,

  • If you’ve seen any of the drama on YouTube with James Charles you need to listen to this episode of Woman’s Hour.

  • I’ve been rekindling my love for Hellogoobye, their new stuff is great.

  • And I’m pretty obsessed with You Me At Six at the moment, they’re my go-to when on the treadmill.

  • This is a really important post from Michelle about losing some of her financial independence, a vital read if you’re self employed.

  • Liv is writing a book, you already know it’s going to be brilliant.

  • Speaking of Liv, Carrie made these incredible biscuits for her wedding.

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have an awesome weekend!