An Ode To An Early Night & Tips For A Great Nights Sleep

As I've got older I absolutely love having an early night. As a teenager, I could never understand why people loved going to bed so early but now I'm full converted to being asleep by 10pm most evenings. I'm a big morning person and tend to find that I get the most done to the best of my ability in the AM. Which considering how much of a night owl I used to be during my university days is surprising. Today I wanted to talk about why having an early night is so awesome and a few tips to getting the best nights sleep you possibly can.


We all lead crazy busy lives so it's doubtful that any of us get the amount of sleep that we should. And something we all know to be true is that getting enough sleep is incredibly beneficial for your health. Here are a few things to remember about sleep;

  • It helps keep your brain functioning as well it should. 
  • Reduces stress levels.  
  • Can help with anxious thoughts and worry [from a serious overthinker & worrier I know this one to be true]. 
  • Help you have a better day at work as your mind is ready to take in new information. 
  • Aids with physical health issues. 


Even though none of us probably get enough sleep I'm sure that we all love climbing into bed and making our bed the most inviting place in our living space. And even though I don't a huge budget to splash on making my bed as incredible as I'd like there are still some key things that I take into consideration. Of course, things like your mattress, duvet and pillow choice might all seem like very dull *adult* purchases but they're so important. Buying cheap is often the only thing we can allow for but when you the chance to really invest in those items it's incredibly worthwhile. As always when you take great care of things they can last you years so that you really get your cost per use. Then when it comes to duvet covers, throws, blankets and pillows. Making them something that you look forward to getting into is so important. I'm a big lover of white bedding because it feels so luxe and calming when you're climbing into bed. And you don't have to spend a tonne of money either you can get awesome bedding sets from places like Primark, Wilkinsons and Matalan


Getting a good night's sleep is just one of those things that we all know that we should have but I highly doubt that it's something that we prioritise. I know it's not something that I've ever done as there is just so much to fit into the day that sleep is just something that is natural and we fit it in when we've got everything else done. However recently after a few months of having a horrible sleep pattern and on average only getting about 5 hours I knew it was about time I needed to prioritise it. Here are a few things that I've done to not only get a better nights sleep but retrain my sleep pattern too. 

  • Read instead of watching Netflix. 
  • Switched off vibrate on my phone.
  • Only having1 lamp on and making the lighting in room calm. 
  • Switched my phone into nightshift [thanks iPhone, you're the best] at around 9pm.
  • Set myself a cut off point with work, no more replying to e-mails at 11pm. 
  • Used a pillow spray. 
  • Tried to empty my mind of all worry. 
  • Turned down the brightest on all other technology if I am going to watch something. 

Do you have any tips for getting a good nights sleep?

R x

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