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Finding Your Own Way, When You Feel Totally Lost

When I wrote my post last week on the things that I was glad that I learned before turning 25 the biggest lesson was that we're all finding our own way in life. I think many of us who are in our twenties can all relate to the quarter life crisis that we all seem to go through at some point. From such a young age, we're all asked what we want to do in life and have our entire life plan figured out and that's just not realistic. We're constantly changing and what I wanted to do when I was 5 years old (vet) is certainly not what I want to be doing now and sometimes being a little bit lost is a good thing.  

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15 Things I'm Glad I Learned Before I Turned 25

Tomorrow I will be turning 25. I can't quite believe it if I'm honest, it only feels like a few weeks ago that I was turning 21. There is something about the number 25 that fills me with panic, that I've not got everything together that I 'should' have and have subsequently been freaking out since about November. Even though I might not have everything together I've learnt so much and a lot of them are things that I'm glad I learnt sooner than later.

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Being The Blogger You Want To Be

I think that we can all agree that blogging advice is taking over the blogging world, there isn't a day go by that I don't see a post offering some sort of new insight. Whilst I'm not at all against advice posts, in fact some of them can be incredibly helpful, I do believe consuming too much advice can have the adverse effect. 

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